Out of the Wor/l/d

Have you ever feel word-less? No, not speechless but word-less. It happened to me a few times, here and there. It happens when you know a thousand words to say, a bundle of things to spark up the conversation, and many topics waiting to be discussed, but you have lost the urge to even utter... Continue Reading →


My beautiful dream, The one I see when I sleep And also when I couldn't sleep   My beautiful dream, The one I saw in the mirror And also in those memories dearer   My beautiful dream, The one who is crystal clear But got blurred with tears   Oh my beautiful dream, Listen, Let's together wait... Continue Reading →


But she stayed there for all those years, because she knew he would search for his lost pieces, first in those places where he had left them.

Shades of Life

“I never saw you wear this lipstick”, My best friend, Shreya, pointed out while going through my pink make-up kit. “I used to wear it in Infy, Don’t you remember?” I firmly told her questioning her ability to observe me and then, after a few seconds added:” It’s okay, no one notices such stupid little... Continue Reading →

When it rains

I looked through the slit of the curtains, it was raining cats and dogs outside. I admired the humming wind and the sways of the tired trees. The birds have stopped chirping a long time back. Maybe, they were watching this play with me from somewhere else, which was farther away from the view of... Continue Reading →


How foolishly we get trapped by the bright things around us, forgetting those could be just a lure. While those plain dull things, which lie waiting, are easily forgotten and ignored. And slowly as we age, we realize that all that glitters is not gold. We spend our lives defending the glitters we once believed... Continue Reading →


And somehow looking at those empty benches and of course, roads once traveled made her sad. It reminded her of all who have left and never came back.

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