Shades of Life

“I never saw you wear this lipstick”, My best friend, Shreya, pointed out while going through my pink make-up kit. “I used to wear it in Infy, Don’t you remember?” I firmly told her questioning her ability to observe me and then, after a few seconds added:” It’s okay, no one notices such stupid little... Continue Reading →

When it rains

I looked through the slit of the curtains, it was raining cats and dogs outside. I admired the humming wind and the sways of the tired trees. The birds have stopped chirping a long time back. Maybe, they were watching this play with me from somewhere else, which was farther away from the view of... Continue Reading →


And somehow looking at those empty benches and of course, roads once traveled made her sad. It reminded her of all who have left and never came back.


Soulmate, a simple word but carrying thousands of expectations on its shoulders. As I write about it, a movie is coming on my little mind’s sky, “Dil toh Pagal Hai”. During my childhood, I loved that movie and I still like watching it whenever I am extra-ordinarily free. But now, it quite resembles a retro-fantasy... Continue Reading →

Keep Smiling

“Yeah mom, I have reached safe and sound; now please go to bed,” I said to my mother with authority while I adjusted my luggage and myself inside my room in Pune. I quickly went to see my darling plants waving in the balcony. Oh my god! My flatmates have forgotten to water them. My... Continue Reading →

Ring those Bells

"Merry Christmas, my gal, call me when you wake up" her mother message read. Yes, she woke up but still felt no desire to call anyone. All she needed was a hot brimming mug of coffee. While tying her beautiful curls, just like her mother, in an easy-to-dishevel bun, she opened the main door to... Continue Reading →

It’s Tea Time

It’s a white winter day. As I look around I can see this quilt stretching its ends at infinity. There’s some noise batting my ears. Is it someone around or it’s just the wind howling towards its way. A sudden shiver makes my mind go hazy. Am I alone but I don’t sense any loneliness... Continue Reading →

Beautiful You

It's a usual-fine working day. I was sticking onto the mode of my hectic office schedule. It's quite boring, I know. Still I have to do it. While searching for a worksheet from my cabin, I had seen my cell vibrated and flashed, with an unknown number, on the adjacent table. I froze before picking... Continue Reading →

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