Look Closer

Look into my eyes “I know you” when you say, Because you have seen just a side of me not all of my ended days Look into my eyes When you find me a sugary sweetheart Because I laugh beautifully to hide what hurts Look for my truth, my love because this world is made... Continue Reading →

It’s Life

Life is full of colors. Yes, we all have few things in life that we don’t want to see, know, understand or lose just like always wishing for our favorite color. We need to remind ourselves that though we long for our favorites but to know real happiness in life we must see, know, and... Continue Reading →

Let’s Laugh

Wait Let me laugh at this moment because it’s gonna go with an empty glass, I tried to care but now so tired to share So, wait Let me just laugh.

Some Old Jottings

Yesterday, I wrote about you  but when I wrapped my hand around that pen And looked outside through that window pane I pondered,” who are you?" just some inked words lingering on my white and black world which lost their meaning with time but still embedded on that diary of mine.

The One She Captured

“Since when did you know it?” he asked from behind while he wrapped his hands around her waist and kept his face on her right shoulder. She wiped the frame with her left hand having her favorite picture of him which she has clicked on one of their after-work errands. “When I captured you in... Continue Reading →

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